This is a selection of paintings from past exhibitions. These paintings are no longer for sale.

Autumn Flowers                             Hillside Winter

               Autumn Flowers                                                                           Hillside, Winter
                       Oil                                                                                        Mixed Media
  Orchard and Orange Freize                           Winters Edge
            Orchid and Orange Freize                                                                Winter's Edge
                         Acrylic                                                                                       Acrylic
    Iris and Jug                       Protes and Yellow Tulips 
                          Iris and Jug                                                               Protea and Yellow Tulips
                              Oil                                                                                   Acrylic

Still Life with Mirror                      Orchid and Striped Jar         

                Still Life with Mirror                                                        Orchid and Striped Jar 
                          Oil                                                                                     Oil