Curriculum Vitae


1956                                                       Born in Irvine, Ayrshire

1975-80                                                  Studied at Glasgow School of Art

1979                                                       Scholarship at Hospitalfield House, Arbroath

1981-85                                                  Secondary School Teacher, Ayrshire

2000                                                       Elected RGI

2010                                                       Elected PAI




1989                                                        Highly Commended, Laing Competition

1991                                                        Highly Commended, Laing Competition

1992                                                        Highly Commended, Laing Competition

1993                                                        Highly Commended, Laing Competition

1994                                                        National Prize Winner, Laing Competition

1994                                                        Mary Armour Award, Paisley Institute

1995                                                        National Prize Winner, Laing Competition

1997                                                        National Prize Winner, Laing Competition

1998                                                        John Gray Award, RSW

1999                                                        Highly Commended, Laing Competition

2000                                                        Sir Gillies Award, RSW

2005                                                        May Marshall Brown Award, RSW



Solo Exhibitions

1986                                                       Main Fine Art, Glasgow

1988                                                       Blythswood Gallery, Glasgow

1990                                                       The Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow

1991                                                       Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

1992                                                       The Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow

1993                                                       Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

1995                                                       The Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow

1995                                                       Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

1997                                                       The Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow

1998                                                       Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

1999                                                       Thompsons Gallery, London

2000                                                       Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

2001                                                       John Davies Gallery, Stow-on-the-Wold

2003                                                       Panter and Hall, London

2003                                                       Waterford Gallery, Hale

2005                                                       Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

2006                                                       John Davies Gallery, Stow-on-the-Wold

2007                                                       Rodger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow

2008                                                       Mansfield Park Gallery, Glasgow

2009                                                       Panter and Hall, London
2010                                                       McGill Duncan Gallery, Castle Douglas



Group Exhibitions

Blythswood Gallery, Glasgow

Castlegate Gallery, Cumbria

Catto Gallery, London

Courtyard Gallery, Crail

Falle Fine Art, Channel Islands

Flying Colours Gallery, London

Frames Gallery, Perth

Green Gallery. Aberfoyle

Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine

John Davies Gallery, Stow-on-the-Wold

KellyGallery, Glasgow

Lemon Tree Gallery, Cornwall

Mall Gallery, London

Michael Main Gallery, Glasgow

Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

Panter and Hall, London

Richmond Gallery, London

Riverside Gallery, Stonehaven

Roger Billcliffe Fine Art, Glasgow

The Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow

Thompsons Gallery, London

Thompsons Gallery, Alderburgh

Tolquon Gallery, Aberdeen

Vicarage Cottage, Newcastle

WadeGallery, Fife

WalkerGallery, Harrogate

Waterford Gallery, Hale




Annual Exhibitions

RGI - Glasgow

RSW – Glasgow

Paisley Art Institute